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Handcrafted Wine Culture Tours

Rioja in Style is a local travel atelier with whom you can design your own private guided tour in La Rioja, Spain. Rioja is a prestigious wine region, home of The Way of Saint James and the birthplace of the Spanish language. We believe each person is unique, with his or her own interests and preferences, which is why all our wine tours are different. Explore our tours for inspiration, or choose from our experiences to design your own bespoke visit. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you already have in mind the Rioja wine tour of your dreams.

Our tours

These tours are just some examples of the type of trip you could enjoy in La Rioja, Spain. You can take them as they are, or simply use them for inspiration and tailor them to your preference. We want you to have your dream Rioja wine tour!

  • Considering a wine tour for your next holiday, but not sure where to go? La Rioja region in northern Spain is a beautiful wine country bordered by soaring green mountains, and with a rich and fascinating history. You can take a leisurely tour of La Rioja’s vineyards and wine cellars with Rioja in Style, so now’s your chance to find out more about this secret gem of a region. Where is Rioja? La Rioja is an area in the north of Spain covered with vineyards between two green mountain ranges: the Sierra

  • So just why is Rioja wine so good, and how can you make sure you’re experiencing genuine wine from the Rioja region in Spain? Here are our top Rioja wine tasting tips! What makes quality Rioja wine? Spain’s region of Rioja has the right climate, soil and long-held traditions, which combined make one of the most prestigious wines in the world. Rioja wine by law has to be in the best condition for drinking to be sold. This means that all the wineries have to dedicate space and time for aging their wines

  • Planning your holiday to Rioja and wondering where is best to stay to experience this beautiful wine region? Then follow our top tips to get the best accommodation for your trip. The first thing to know is that La Rioja is delightfully off the beaten track. This means you get a genuine experience of Spain, but it also means accommodation can be limited, and there are certainly no holiday resorts or large capacity hotels. The best places to stay include a stunning array of modern boutique hotels. So our first advice